MiniFalls 11

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MiniFalls 11
The Matala Minifalls 11 is a simple way to add a waterfall feature to the pond and create turbulence to increase the oxygen level. The Minifalls 11 is a stand alone unit which can be hidden behind rocks in your waterfall. The Minifalls11 acts as a header tank. Run your rubber pond liner up underneath the Minifalls 11 during installation. Then arrange your rocks around the Minifalls 11 to disguise it. Be sure it is in a level positon so the water flows evenly over the falls. You will need to use a can of waterfall spray on foam (not included) around the rocks to make sure that the water goes over the rocks instead of under the rocks. The Minifalls11 acts as a header tank and also contains a pad of Green Matala and a mesh bag for gravel or carbon which will increase your filtration.

Maximum flow through the Minifalls 11 is 1200 gph.

Pack includes:
Matala Minifalls box
Flex-Matala Green filter mat
Minifall mesh bag
Inlet: universal hose adapter (1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2")
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Matala Minifalls 11

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