How to Clean Matala Filter Media

How to Clean Matala Filter Media

Bio-filters are full of live micro-organisms. Filter media are the bearers of this life. Over-zealous cleansing or purifying the filter media will unbalance the filter ecosystem by eliminating or killing this essential life. Disinfecting or drying of washed media only makes sense in cases where the whole pond needs to be disinfected or dried out.

In essence, cleaning a bio-filter should be only done with the intention to:

  • Eliminate excessive organic waste (fish excrements, excessive food, plant remains) from the first section of the filter (sedimentation chamber, vortex, etc...). Such need to be done more often to avoid putting an extra burden on the real bio-filter.
  • Rinse out excessive detritus or accumulated bacterial flock from the latter section of the filter to avoid plugging of the filter media, which would create adverse anaerobic conditions.
  • Improve the living conditions of the nitrifying bacteria and micro-organisms that thrive in the bio-filter.

Please note that when using Matala® media in a well-designed bio-filter with proper flow rate it will be difficult to see plugging of this media. Excessive detritus or bacterial flock will tend to slug of and settle to the filter bottom. Purging the filter will take away this detritus.

To clean the real bio-filter section: "Use volume – no pressure"

Biofilter Section Cleaning

Create handles with strapping material
in order to remove R-Matala from chamber easily.

Matala® cleans very easily by the following methods:

Cleaning Matala
Use a submersible water pump with a hose of sufficient diameter and pour a good volume of pond water over the media.


Pour a full bucket of pond water over specific sections of the filter media.


Temporarily remove 2 sheets of Matala® and shake the remaining sheets up and down in the filter tank; drain the chamber.


Remove the media from the tank; dirty water falls off; drain chamber.

Important Notes:

  • Remove media only if strictly necessary; The above picture proves Matala® releases its dirt quite easily.
  • It is okay to gently tap the media on the ground to dislodge the dirt.
  • Over zealous cleaning is not necessary and will lose too much bacteria. Keep it gentle.
  • Shake the media up and down in the filter tank; drain chamber.

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